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2 DIY Ways to Tame That Mane


With flyaways, static hair and good ol’ windy days, sometimes your tresses just won’t stay put. Time to spritz on some hairspray, right?

Turning to a can of conventional hairspray may tame your unruly mane, but you’ll let loose a slew of chemicals into the air for your lungs to breath in and for your skin to absorb. Many everyday hairspray brands, especially anything aerosol, contain dangerous chemicals including phthalates.

Phthalates, which often hide in ingredient labels as “fragrance,” are chemicals that are probable human reproductive or developmental toxins, and are also known endocrine disruptors. In short, they’re not ingredients you want as part of your eco-beauty regimen.

Instead, turn that hair “don’t” into a hair “do” with these homemade hairspray solutions. They’ll have your mane styled and under control, naturally of course, in no time.

Citrusy Hairspray


1-2 lemons or oranges

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From the Organic Authority Files

2 cups water


Slice the fruit and place them in a pot with the water. Simmer the mixture until half of the water evaporates. After the mixture cools, place it in a spray bottle and add a little extra water. Spray a mist of the homemade hairspray onto your hair as needed. It will provide a light hold and a lovely scent.

Keep the mixture refrigerated when not using. Also, remember that lemon juice combined with sunlight has bleaching properties, so if you don’t want potential highlights in your hair, use an orange or add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar.

Simple Oil Hair Smoother

To tame frizzy hair, simply rub your tresses with a small amount of coconut oil or jojoba oil when hair is still halfway wet. The oil will add shine and leave your hair smooth after you finish drying it.

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