From Our Friends: November 28, 2014

Christmas lights

Did you survive Thanksgiving? We hope you did! And we bet everything you made was a success. We hope you aren’t out shopping today, and instead have opted to stay in and relax. While relaxing, why not read this week’s From Our Friends? From Our Friends is OA’s weekly roundup of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s post has a link to an article about how to make a cute, light bulb Christmas ornament, a heartwarming post about a stray dog, some information about an all-vegan butcher shop, and makeup tips for women who have to wake way early. Also: A link to a vegan mashed potato recipe, info about how texting is hurting your neck, and some holiday season tips from a chef.

1. If you want to give your kids a craft to concentrate on while you take some much needed downtime, pull up this light bulb Christmas ornament tutorial. Via Crafting a Green World.

2. After a week of hard news, this story about a stray dog and a group of athletes made me smile. From HooplaHa.

3. So, there may be a vegan “butcher shop” coming to your city soon. Read all about it at Ecorazzi.

4. Are you a super-fine lady who has to wake up early in the morning? ModCloth has a stellar makeup tutorial for you.

5. I know it’s the day after Thanksgiving and you’ve probably had your fill of mashed potatoes already, but bookmark this vegan recipe for the upcoming holidays. Via EcoSalon.

6. If you haven’t gotten the memo yet: Texting is ruining your neck. Via The Atlantic Health.

7. This post from Fit Bottomed Eats will come in handy more than a few times this holiday season: “Organize Like a Chef This Holiday Season.”

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