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From Our Friends: September 5, 2014

Pumpkin latte

We hope you all had a stellar holiday weekend! Now that summer is "unofficially" over, it's time to focus on important things -- like pumpkin lattes and apples. But before you head to the market, take a look at this Friday's From Our Friends, where we roundup some of OA’s favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week's post has an article about wrong-workout warning signs, a link to a DIY pumpkin latte, oodles of fun beer can crafts, a granita recipe, and an article about how the barbershop is evolving. Also: Four vegetables to plant for a fall harvest and information on the southwest's megadrought.

1. Have you ever wondered if you're doing the wrong workout? HooplaHa has listed eight signs that signify you're headed down the wrong fitness road.

2. If you threw quite a few beers back this Labor Day, you can now make any one of these 12 beer can crafts. Some of these ideas are pretty darn cute! From Crafting a Green World.

3. Never buy another sub-par pumpkin spice latte again. Now you can make as many pumpkin lattes at home as you'd like (sans all the yucky chemicals). Via Free People

4. Savor the last bits of summer with this Watermelon and Basil Granita from Lululemon.

5. Check out this article at The Atlantic to find out more about how the barbershop is becoming a destination for blood pressure tests.

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From the Organic Authority Files

6. Treehugger has a few veggie planting suggestions for a robust fall harvest.

7. Hold onto your hats: Scientists are reporting that the American southwest faces a megadrought. Via Modern Farmer.

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