4 Reasons to Stay Curious

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In general, know-it-alls aren’t very fun to be around. It’s not that we’re annoyed that all those smarty-pants know everything there is to know. It’s because people who purport they know everything aren’t curious! Where’s the fun in that? Staying curious keeps your mind nimble, personality youthful and outlook bright. Read on to discover four other benefits of staying curious.

1. Curiosity promotes better health

An article on Care2 cites multiple studies (a 1996 study, a book with multiple studies printed in 2009 and a 2005 report) that found higher levels of curiosity promoted better health.

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2. Curiosity is associated with problem solving and intelligence

The article “Curious About Curiosity?” by Ben Dean, Ph.D., says it best – “Put simply, curious brains are active brains, and active brains become smart brains.” People who stay curious tend to want to learn more. Also, adults who maintain higher levels of curiosity tend to have better problem-solving skills and greater analytic ability.

3. Curiosity helps you explore your personality

Discovery.com points out that people first exercise their curious-muscles when they are young. What people seek out helps them define their world. People who continue to seek new information into adulthood can continue to expand and reshape their attitudes.

4. Curiosity helps people become successful

A blog on Psychology Today's website titled “Curiosity and Conscientiousness More Important than Intelligence” found that curious and conscientious personality types were more important than intelligence when predicting success. Both traits can potentially help people do better in school and benefit job seekers.

So...what do you think? We're curious to know your opinion!

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