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5 Ways to Get and Stay Happy

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It’s not that we humans don’t want to be happy all the time. It’s just that achieving happiness every day, all day, is incredibly difficult! Life is filled with highs and lows, and people. Lots of people. Some people we love. Other people…well, yeah.

So, how can a reasonable, wonderful gal like you maintain personal happiness every day? The following tips will help you create and keep happiness on even the most seemingly bleak days.

Start the day with a bit of upbeat music

The University of Missouri recently conducted a research study where 167 “generally well” (aka positive) students were tested to see if they could improve their own happiness. Half the students were asked to focus on feeling happier while listening to music. The other students were asked to just be themselves and relax.

Some study participants listened to Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," which is a complex, and somewhat depressing tune; the other students listened to Aaron Copland's "Rodeo," which is a more upbeat piece.

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After listening to music for 12 minutes, the students rated their moods from "very negative" to "very positive," and to state, on a scale from one to 15, how much they agreed with mood descriptions (such as "happy," "joyful," and "satisfied.") The researchers found that the people who listened to “Rodeo” and focused on improving their moods were able to improve their happiness. So, when you go out for your early-morning run, make sure you pick a playlist that's upbeat, and you fill your mind with happy thoughts.

Focus on your health

According to an article titled, “10 Things Happy People do Differently,” at Psychology Today, happy people make certain to take care of their bodies and effectively manage their stresses. Happy people also make certain to be more engaged with people, and are enthusiastic about life.

Thinking negatively perpetuates negativity

If you always put yourself down, or always look for the negative in everything, you’re bound to find the negative! Try to stay above the sadness and maintain a good mood to keep yourself out of the dumps.

Live in the present

Try to let the worries of what’s ahead slide. Yes, it’s really difficult to completely forget about all the “what ifs” and “I don’t knows,” but realizing that you can’t actually control the future makes the present much easier to deal with.

Fake it until you make it

So, you wake up and you immediately feel like death -- what do you do? Push all that negative stuff aside and keep going. Get ready and start the day, and only think positive thoughts. You very well may be able to get yourself out of your funk quicker than you think.

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