7 Simple Steps for Starting a Cleanse Program

If you're considering starting a cleanse program, this is a good place to start. We've listed out 7 steps that will help you achieve your ultimate goals.

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We all battle with doing what’s best for ourselves sometimes. None of us are immune to the appeal of instant gratification and the multiple dualities trying to co-exist within our psyche. Amidst the toxicity of our modern world, maintaining a discipline of regular cleansing is as important to our wellness as brushing our teeth. By practicing and strengthening our virtues with subtle discipline, we begin to slowly master our bodies and beings by observation and understanding. Ask yourself: What tastes as good as feeling good feels? So are you ready for starting a cleanse program?

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

image of a blender with greens and lemon being squeezed into it on a counter with a wooden spoon and a few loose leaves in front a an out of focus window. Which cleanse is right for you?

1. Choose A Cleanse! 

There are many cleanse program options and you’ve probably heard of them all from a cream diet, to sugar free, liver cleanse, Master cleanse, all juice, all raw, all vegan, and even all raw chocolate! Which cleanse best suits you truly depends on you, but note that ingesting animal products, fried foods, and chemicals makes it more difficult to give the organs the break they really need to catch up.

2. Commit! 

Raise your right hand and affirm your promise to yourself, your goals and the process. Whether you hope to achieve peace of mind, clearer skin, or weight loss, determine how long you plan to commit to the program. Just like when cleaning your home you may think, “I’ve got all day”, or “I’ve got 4 hours.” The longer we can allow for the circadian rhythms of our internal organs to naturally excrete the things that are the hardest and take the longest for our bodies to process (such as cholesterol, free radicals, and chemicals), the more we can release built up toxicity and debris in the body. My signature cleanse is 21 days because that’s how long it takes to both make and break a pattern.

3. Find a partner! 

Instead of going it alone, get a good book, join a group, or have a buddy cleanse along with you to help create accountability in your inner work. “21-Day Superstar Cleanse” (my book!) is a great tool and companion to walk by you and hold your hand throughout the entire cleansing process. It’s in depth enough to allow you to begin from wherever you might be, and inspire you to continuously take yourself to the next level towards reaching your unique personal goals. You can try it for 1, 2 or 3 weeks and find a way to nourish your body while indulging in delicious foods with discipline that supports your body and mind.

4. See it to believe it! 

Cleansing without using visualizing is like trying to find a new destination without any maps. We must know where we are going in order to get there. Use photos and visual aids to inspire you and map out your realistic goals.

5. Keep A Journal! 

image of a journal with a woman's hands, writing with pen for keeping track of the cleanse.

Any great program will invite you to maintain a notebook or journal to help you keep track your goals, challenges and progress. Make note of your subconscious cravings, triggers or tendencies to quit. You can reference past journal entries throughout your cleanse to log how far you’ve come, and use your notes to troubleshoot when you encounter similar challenges down the line. Doing this allows you to become a scientist of your own mind and slowly master yourself.

6. Be prepared! 

Know there will be challenges and consider this process as nourishing rather than struggling. Allow your cleansing experience to attest to the fact that health, beauty, and indulgence can coexist without the need for torture or hunger pangs. Create and prep for a myriad of delicious meals using cleansing recipes that you can get creative with. Use the extra cash you save eating plant based foods to schedule healing sessions, spoil yourself with a DIY spa treatment, or splurge on exotic fruits, fresh organic herbs, or some awesome supplements like enzymes.

7. Be Safe! 

It’s best to move somewhat slowly and not be in search of a quick overnight fix. Regardless of what you take on, I recommend a program that keeps your metabolism boosted by not overly restricting calorie intake such as “21-Day Superstar Cleanse,” which is zero calorie restriction. A longer, less extreme program can be a great way to learn and see the long term benefits of cleansing for yourself.

I would not have created much in my life without the process of cleansing. Each time I’ve done it, new doors have opened up, but one of the very best parts has been witnessing profound transformation and successes in the lives of those around me. We are better Together. Time to shine like the stars we were born to be instead of dimming our own lights.

*Editor’s Note: Always consult with your primary care physician before starting any type of detox or cleanse program.

Ever since her birth in a teepee under a double rainbow, Rainbeau Mars has helped others on their journey to a greener, healthier existence. Her new book, “21-Day Superstar Cleanse” outlines her signature zero calorie restriction vegan cleanse along with more than 75 mouth-watering recipes, positive affirmations, and a foreword by Woody Harrelson taking readers on an adventure of food, fun, and personal awakening!

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