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Enter to Win the Garden of Life Ultimate Detox Package (Valued at $550!)

Garden of Life giveaway

If you're looking to give your body a boost in 2015 by putting the kibosh on that pesky fatigue thing, you're going to lurv our latest prize pack from Garden of Life! It includes everything you'll need to recharge, feel incredible, and maybe even lose a few pounds!

And if your beau's also looking for a reboot, included are a few finds especially for him. Talk about starting 2015 off on the right foot!

Garden of Life is giving away the ultimate wellness package to one lucky Organic Authority reader. It contains everything you and your guy will need to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level - and then some. To enter, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter.

Here's what you could win:


1. Organic DetoxiFiber ($23)

Garden of Life's DetoxiFiber contains a whole food based blend of soluable and insoluable fiber you can take daily to give your bod the fiber necessary for healthy cleansing.


2. Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox ($37)

The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox promotes a healthy balance between assimilation and elimination, helping you to break unwanted habits and improve your healthy lifestyle.


3. Perfect Food Raw Alkalizer Detoxifier ($44)

The Perfect Food RAW Alkalizer & Detoxifier supports your body's daily balancing act, helping to eliminate toxins while supporting your body's own ability to maintain its ideal pH balance.

wobenzym n

4. Wobenzym N 100ct ($40)

Wobenzym N is a unique blend of systemic enzymes that provides temporary relief from aches, pain and muscle soreness due to everyday stressors, all while supporting overall joint and tendon health.

raw probiotics for men

5. Raw Probiotics for Men ($53)

Raw Probiotics for Men is a whole food probiotic formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of men, and offers 31 probiotics specifically formulated to support immunity during exercise and physical exertion.

probiotics for women

6. Raw Probiotics for Women ($53)

Raw Probiotics for Women is a whole food probiotic formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women, and offers 32 probiotics specifically formulated to support vaginal health and overall digestive function.

raw enzymes for men
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From the Organic Authority Files

7. Raw Enzymes for Men ($53)

Raw Enzymes for Men has been specifically formulated to meet the unique digestive and overall health needs of men - with amplified strength of fat- and protein-digesting enzymes.

raw enzymes for women

8. Raw Enzymes for Women ($53)

Raw Enzymes for Women is the most complete digestive enzyme formula available that works overtime for extraordinary digestive health.

flax seed

9. Raw Organics Golden Flax Seed ($8)

Garden of Life's Raw Organics Golden Flax Seed is grown in North Dakota by family farmers who've been growing flax for generations. The flax goes through a unique five-step cleaning process that gently filters away impurities, leaving behind only the purest, freshest, certified organic golden flax seeds.

raw candida cleanse

10. Raw Candida Cleanse ($48)

The Raw Candida Cleanse is a powerful blend of plant-based enzymes that work together to break down the carbs found in the cell walls of fiber. The cleanse also provides antioxidant support for immune health and gut-related immune function.

perfect food raw energy

11. Perfect Food Raw Energizer ($44)

Perfect Food Raw Energizer is packed with amazing organic energy activators: Guayaki Yerba Mate for immediate energy and long-term focus, RAW Organic Peruvian Maca to support energy production and balanced hormones, RAW Organic Pomegranate Juice and Cordyceps Mushrooms to help you through your busy day, and RAW Organic African Baobab to promote the production of ATF-energy on the cellular level. Like I said: Packed!

probiotics ultimate care

12. Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care ($53)

Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care is the ultimate blend to help you achieve balance, restoring the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract that's lost through everyday stressors and providing protein-digesting enzymes for added digestive support.

yerba mate

13. Raw Protein Energy with Yerba Mate ($42)

Raw Protein Energy with Yerba Mate is a snack and meal replacement that includes the natural energy of Yerba Mate, which has been used for centuries to promote energy and focus. It's available exclusively at Whole Foods - and could be yours if you win!

Ready to Enter?

For your chance to win this fabulous package, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. If you're already a subscriber, then you're already entered - simple as that.

Enter now, and good luck!

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