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Hip-Hop Music Video Tells Kids to Fight Big Food

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"They process your food now they're processing you / gonna climb in your mind and control what you chew."

Another hip-hop music video aimed at teens takes on big food.


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From the Organic Authority Files

Part of a campaign from the Turn the Tide Foundation called "Unjunk Yourself," the program hopes to produce and release a "library of music videos, each delivering an important and empowering message about health, nutrition, physical activity, and/or weight control. Ultimately, the videos will link to programs that give kids the tools and resources they need to act on the advice they get and help them make better use of feet and forks."

The program offers classroom curriculum for different age groups to help prevent and reverse the obesity epidemic in the U.S. 

Interestingly, both this video and the Food Fight video make references to The Matrix, insinuating that kids need to wake up and take control of the situation for themselves. Both programs paint the food industry (and the adults behind it) as the all-powerful bad guys bent on domination. (And they may not be too far off the point.)

My gut tells me that older teens wouldn't be swayed by the mildly cheesy dance moves and white girl trying to busta rhyme, but look past the sparkly track suits and the song has a scary message: "They process your food, now they're processing you." The video is right that our junk food problem goes beyond the food and into the realm of marketing, advertising and brainwashing. So, anything that counteracts that—even slightly silly music videos—is a mark in the positive column in my book. Here's hoping that any of these music videos can make an impact on our youth's health.

For more information about "Unjunk Yourself" and the Turn the Tide Foundation, visit their website.


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