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Say No to Valentine's Day Clichés: Actions Speak Louder than Gifts


You don't need to fill your Valentine's Day with diamonds (every woman will get the same style and design this year -- how unique is that?), chocolate or with an overpriced and remarkably underwhelming, fatty Valentine's Day dinner. Your Valentine will continue to hold a candle for you no matter how you express your love, even if it's with a free Valentine's gift. With a little planning and a lot of heart, you can express your love for your sweetheart through actions.


Love and romance are hard to come by when you're glued to an inanimate object. Your beau always tells you about his day while you write late-night e-mails. Do you remember everything he says? Probably not.

Today, just listen and thoughtfully respond to what he has to say. Put away your laptop, cell phone and tablet when your sweetie comes home.

Get It On... In the Kitchen

Have sexy-sex. That's the sex you had when you guys weren't picking on each other's every move. The sex you had before you started finding his dirty socks on top of your clean towels. Add a tinge of sexual spice by doing it in a room you haven't in a while. Your kitchen table is made of oak. It can handle it.

Volunteer Together

Find an organization that you and your partner support, and donate time together. The act of giving to others will boost your wellbeing, and bring both of you closer.

Learn About Something Your Love Loves

Does your boyfriend go on and on about his fantasy basketball league? Do you typically tune him out? Don't today. Ask him how his team is doing. Your interest in his "love" will shock him. Does your girlfriend rave about her favorite yoga class? Go with her!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Run-of-the-mill, But Still Sweet, Thoughtful Actions

Cook your significant other's favorite meal. Who cares if you mess up; you tried. That's what counts.

If you share the same space with your love, clean. Do all the daily chores you typically share. Walk the dog. Ball-up those socks. And shut the toilet seat for him without complaining.

Leave sweet notes around the house, or make your Valentine a card filled with written appreciations. Do you really appreciate it when your husband sends you links to stories you're interested in? Let him know. Do you love the way your wife peels your oranges every morning? Tell her!

Watch what your sweetheart wants. Surrender the remote, or give your loved one full access to the Netflix streaming queue.

image: Sara Alfred

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