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Would You Ride a Cardboard Bike?

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If you’re a cycling and bike enthusiast, I bet you’ve tried out various bike models throughout your two-wheel riding career. But I’m going to wager that no one reading this article has yet to ride a bike that’s mostly made out of cardboard. Well, you may be able to give a cardboard bike a spin soon if Izhar Gafni’s Cardboard Technologies’ Indiegogo campaign is successful.

In October 2012, Gafni, inventor, revealed his cardboard bike to the world via video. The cardboard bike is inexpensive to construct. Gafni projects that retailers will only have to charge $20 per bike.

Gafni hopes his invention well allow people living in remote locations in developing countries to cheaply travel from location to location by cardboard bike. He also hopes that the unique cardboard bike will help cut down the transportation congestion in these large, often traffic-filled developing cities.

The bike’s construction sounds simple enough: the shape is formed (it’s folded origami style) and cut. Then the cardboard is treated with a mixture of organic materials to give the bike fireproof and waterproof qualities. Before the bike is officially finished, it’s coated with lacquer paint for apperance. Melted recycled plastic and car tires also are used in the bike making process.

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According to Cardboard Technologies, the bike’s cardboard is made from recycled cardboard used for packaging, and the bike can support up to 300 pounds. In time, the company hopes to create cardboard wheelchairs, baby strollers, supermarket trollies, and more.

If you want to donate to the campaign, click here.


Image: Cardboard Technologies

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