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Laura's Favs: Tweets and Comments (August 31, 2012)

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Happy Friday! We hope everyone is gearing up for a great 3-day weekend! If you're new to OA, we take time once a week to thank our fans for all the posts, comments, and tweets they leave us every week. Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest and Google+ to stay up to date on all our social networks! Thank you all :) Have a wonderful weekend!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share.

Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our TwitterFavs of the Week:

  • @kimberlytoday: @OrganicAuthorit @maryepearce YES~We are what we eat, literally! #getwellstaywell
  • @moomorganic: Make your own cleaning products? Then you need to see this! RT @OrganicAuthorit: 3 Best Essential Oils For Cleaning
  • @maryepearce: @OrganicAuthorit NOT GOOD! Research has proved Cancer,Diseases keep INCREASING. Why? CHEMICALLY ALTERED FOOD. We R what we eat.
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • @JamesIckes: @OrganicAuthorit Yuck! No Franken-apples for me.
  • @1HealthyFuture: Women I admire #FF @unhealthytruth @OrganicAuthorit @MomsRising @MomsCAF @BreneBrown @AliBrown @AnnVoskamp Thank you for INSPIRING me

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:

  • Caralien Speth Depending on the recipe, including box mixes, plain water can also be used. I started subbing in applesauce, bananas, and yogurt during the 80s when following Pritikin. Pumpkin purée also works, though I would recommend using 1T of butter o

    r oil in the recipe, as it really improves the texture, crumb, and crispness of baked goods far better than baking strictly fat free. Additionally, most baked recipes can have their sugar halved.

See you in Tweet Land or on the "Wall!"

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