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Laura's Favs: Tweets and Comments (September 7, 2012)

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Happy Friday everyone! If you're new to OA, we take time once a week to thank our fans for all the posts, comments, and tweets they leave us every week. Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest and Google+ to stay up to date on all our social networks! Thank you all :) Have a wonderful weekend!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share.

Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our TwitterFavs of the Week:

  • @shenasseeds: @OrganicAuthorit will it stop them using lots of sugar and oil? Not all veg are healthy.
  • @NamDakSaLing: @OrganicAuthorit I wouldn't mind a drawer full of shirts that smelt like fresh ground coffee.
  • @Ms_K80K: @OrganicAuthorit Thanks for the cooking with coconut oil info! I want to try it but not sure how to use it. Now I know!
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • @SolitarySpiral: @OrganicAuthorit Thanks for the follow. I'm a vegetarian health nut and look forward to your posts! I followed back =]
  • @BirkeBaehr: @OrganicAuthorit I choose organic because I choose not to play Russian roulette with my health!

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:

  • Dog Pack Snacks So funny that you posted this today. I spent about 20 looking at different Coconut oil brands at Whole Foods today. Got confused when deciding between refined or not.
  • Ginnee Hancock The big difference in nutrients is, not that the numbers are is that nitrate fertilizers bind up the nutrients so that your body can not absorb them. Neither can the cows, or the chickens, so those nutrients are also bound up when you eat them. So it is all about available nutrients....and the lack of chemicals.
  • Sabine Spring Isn't it absolutely insane to make it illegal, to grow a fantastic crop lile Hemp. But yet it is legal to poison our ground water with deadly toxic pesticides and herbicides?!

  • Michele G Hogan Just made a great Quinoa salad with lemon juice, pine nuts, sea salt, cilantro and some green olives. It was sooooo good. I added a little omega 3 flax oil in as well that the recipee did not call for.
  • Rachel Perry Hanses They used to give it away at the starbucks by my house in Kansas City. We put it in our garden/

See you in Tweet Land or on the "Wall!"

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