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May 2011 OA Everyday Eco Star: Danielle AKA The Glamorganic Goddess

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We are very happy to announce that Danielle from NJ, AKA The Glamorganic Goddess, is our May OA Everyday Eco Star! Congratualtions! Here is her winning entry that our wonderful organic community voted on.

"I'm Danielle from NJ (also know as The GG) and was diagnosed w/ Breast Cancer at 31 yrs. old... not knowing what to do, I changed my ENTIRE Lifestyle (OMG Anne, we have so much in common girl)! Trying to "Turn My Pain Into Purpose," I began writing a Truly Natural & Organic Beauty Blog, documenting my journey... but I am NOT your Typical Tree-Hugger! Lol. I'm a girl on a mission to lessen the toxic overload on my body, without sacrificing my standards!

"My Wellness Story" was recently featured on The Healthy Beauty Project's website here: and I have my own Blog-a-licious =) called The Glamorganic Goddess that you can read here:

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From the Organic Authority Files

I'm also currently working on an upcoming documentary film called "The Body Burden"- the idea that we are exposed to chemicals from what we eat, wear, and apply to our skin, how they accumulate in our bodies and impact our health, cosmetics regulation in the US, the connection to Breast Cancer and my story! xo ♥"

Danielle's story has touched our hearts here at OA and we are proud to feature her for the next month as our Everyday Eco Star! As always, we want to especially point out all the other amazing entries we recieved. A special thanks is in order to Anne Bardis Hamilton, Linda Helmick and Sharon McGrail for their fantastic stories that you can read here.

You can also follow Danielle on Twitter and her blog!

Stay tuned for instructions on how to enter to be the next OA Everyday Eco Star, coming soon!

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