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10 Natural Ways to Minimize Dog Shedding

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How often do you stand up from your couch, only to find clumps of dog hair stuck to your clothing? (And have you noticed how much they love to jump on you when you’re wearing black?) Putting a stop to dog shedding would be nice – but isn’t entirely realistic. The good news is, there are many simple, natural methods to help minimize dog shedding in your home:

1. Brush regularly

Make a habit of regularly brushing your dog’s fur, especially as the seasons change, since that’s when dog shedding gets particularly crazy. Brushing daily might seem like an ordeal, but it only takes about five minutes a day – it’s more frustrating when you’re infrequent about it.

2. Bathe regularly

Washing your dog’s coat is a great way to loosen fur so it doesn’t end up all over your home. Give him a good brushing before and after. Don’t use heat to dry your dog, as this will increase the chances of your dog shedding. Try for a weekly bath with your fave dog shampoo.

3. Healthy Food

Is your dog getting enough nutrients through his food? A proper diet will decrease your dog shedding. If you’re not sure, try switching foods or adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your dog’s food daily. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids necessary to condition his skin and coat.

4. Nutritional Supplements

Talk to your vet about trying specially-formulated dog vitamins or omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

5. Air Purifier

If you have friends and family who are prone to allergies, you can remove hair and dander (as well as typical allergens) from the air with a Honeywell Pet CleanAir Purifier. It’s perfect for small spaces!

6. Vacuum

The sooner you vacuum after your dog sheds, the less time it has to get pushed into the fibers of fabric – only, it’s such a pain lugging the vacuum out every 10 minutes, am I right? My favorite pet-related purchase has been such a lifesaver: the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum makes it so easy to deal with dog shedding on an as-you-go basis.

7. Fabric Softener Sheets

Believe it or not, if you don’t want dog hair constantly stuck to your baseboards, rub a fabric softener sheet along them. They leave behind a coating that repels future dust and pet hair. (Cha-ching!)

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8. Purchase Furniture Covers

Use furniture covers on the pieces your dog frequents most, then toss them in with your laundry each week.

9. Groom

Shortening your dog’s fur can reduce the volume of dog shedding. Either invest in hand-held clippers, or make a regular dog grooming appointment. Don’t cut it too short since it’s your dog’s only form of UV protection, but in reducing the length of his fur, you’ll make shedding easier to manage.

10. Lint Roller

Leave a lint roller by the front door to make sure you don’t go to your next meeting as furry as your dog.

What do you do to minimize your dog shedding in your home?

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