10 Super Easy Last-Minute DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

Clever ideas for DIY couples Halloween costumes.

Do you always wait until the last minute to get your Halloween costumes together? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got some super easy last minute DIY couples Halloween costumes for you.

Some of these DIY couples Halloween costumes are obvious (salt & pepper), while some are sure to help you win “Most Creative Costume” for the night. And whether you are just friends, in a relationship, or married these DIY couples Halloween costumes will work no matter what your situation.

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

  1. Skeleton Twins – This is by far our favorite. Cut up a couple of skeleton t-shirts (Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial here). Do one in black and another in white for extra points, and wear the reverse color t-shirt underneath. To finish the look apply Day of the Dead style make-up.
  2. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash – For the “Man in Black” all you will need is a black suit, black shirt, black boots, and a guitar. For June Carter Cash go with an early 1960s style retro-inspired or vintage dress. If you have a retro wardrobe already, then this one will be easy.
  3. “Pulp Fiction” – Everyone’s favorite dance couple from the movie “Pulp Fiction,” Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace, are pretty easy to put together. The key components are a bolo tie, which can probably be found at the thrift store, and a black page boy wig (unless you already happen to have a black page boy hair cut). Of course, it couldn’t hurt to do a couple of dance moves to help others get what your look is.
  4. Facebook Couple – Make your Facebook profile come to life by printing out your profile and wall and taping it on your clothes. Couples can show off their joint “In a relationship” status.
  5. Black Eyed Peas – Whether you want to reference the delightful pop group or the tasty legume, this costume idea is super simple. Paint, draw or tape the letter “P” to the front of both of your shirts. Then use black eye makeup to black out one eye for each of you.
  6. OITNB – How about prison couple Piper and Alex from the “Orange is the New Black?” Pretty much all you need for the costume to work are beige medical scrubs. Bonus points for black glasses and prison slip-on shoes!
  7. American Gothic – Put together a severe bun, a brooch, an apron, some overalls, and a pitchfork and you’ve got one of the most famous paintings of all time.
  8. Salt & Pepper – Here’s another foodie costume. One partner wears all black and tapes a “P” to their shirt, while the other person wears all white with an “S” on their shirt. That DIY should take about 10 minutes!
  9. Schrodinger’s Cat – Go as the famous Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment. One person can wear a giant cardboard box and the other can wear cat ears and draw on whiskers.
  10. “Wayne’s World” – Channel your inner Wayne and Garth. What you will need: ripped up blue jeans, black ‘Wayne’s World’ hat, converse, black tee, band tee, flannel shirt and black glasses. If you have time, find a black shaggy-haired wig and a long blonde wig. Say “Schwing” all night long.

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Image: Skeleton Couple via Shutterstock