11 Cheap Decorating Ideas to Revamp What You Already Own

11 Cheap Decorating Ideas to Revamp What You Already Own

So you can’t afford to buy new things and your home’s feeling a little… stale. Luckily, with a move here and a facelift there, you can transform your space using cheap decorating ideas and the items you already own. When you’re done, your home will look so refreshing it’ll feel like a brand new space.

Below are 11 cheap decorating ideas that will make what you already own feel new again:

1. Repurpose your furniture

Just because it’s a stool doesn’t mean you have to use it as one: Use it as a quirky end table instead. Or that bulky hutch you keep stubbing your toe on? Transform it into an additional workspace for your office.

2. Rearrange lamps and shades

Even something as simple as moving your lamps to different rooms – or revamping the shades themselves – can give your space a facelift.

3. Bring the outside in

Decorate with items you find outside or while you’re on vacation. For example, hang a piece of driftwood over your mantle, or fill a hurricane glass with dried leaves and acorns and use it as an accent piece for your end table.

4. Play musical chairs

Who says your chairs have to match? Swap out chairs from your kitchen with chairs from your dining room and place them at the head of the table.

5. Paint half your table

Speaking of your kitchen table: If it’s looking a little worn out, paint the base a different color. Go with white for a farmhouse feel, or choose a bold primary color for that wow factor.

6. Rearrange your furniture

When it comes to cheap decorating ideas, none beat taking the time to rearrange your furniture. Just changing the configuration of your sofa and area rug can make it look and feel like a completely different room.

7. Display a collection

Create a gallery wall by grouping together like items that make a statement. For example, an entire wall of funky mirrors or mismatched plates.

8. Makeover your pillows

Throw pillows can be pretty expensive, but a great way to give your furniture a facelift. Instead of draining your wallet, find or make pillow covers that are the same size as the pillows you already have. Just tuck your old pillows into the new covers and voila!

9. Make your own art

Paint your own abstract canvas for above your fireplace or dresser – or, use items as art, such as hanging your fave jewellery on display. Better still, make old art new again by grouping vintage statues of a similar theme and painting them all one bold hue as a stunning focal point.

10. Create balance

Just because you don’t have matching pairs doesn’t mean you’re doomed in the symmetry department: Make items look more alike. For example, using the same throw pillows on your mismatched chairs, or making matching slipcovers for them. Stacking works wonders too; for example, placing a short lamp on a stack of books to balance it out with a taller lamp.

11. Add sculptural plants

Plants have this way of making a room look chic without even trying. Rally up your friends and see if you have plants you can divide amongst each other. Find your new greenery a bold or structured pot to make it a statement piece for your space.

Which cheap decorating ideas have you used to transform your space?

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