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11 Organic Gardening Ideas to Make DIY Gardening a Snap

11 Organic Gardening Ideas to Make DIY Gardening a Snap

If you want to start a pesticide-free garden, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 11 of some of our best organic gardening articles all in one place so you can give DIY gardening in your backyard a shot.

Organic gardening, seed starts

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1. Seed-Starting for a DIY Garden

If this is your first try at organic gardening, you've got to find out how to start seeds. This DIY seed starting article is a great place to start and reference.

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2. Organic Gardening with Homemade Fertilizers

If you've yet to invest in any fertilizers, good! Consult this in-depth article about homemade fertilizers. It's great for anyone looking to embark on DIY gardening.

Organic gardening, tools

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3. 5 Gardening Tools to Use

If you're looking to update your gardening tool arsenal, check out this article. It lists 5 great gardening tools.

Organic gardening, classes

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4. Online Gardening Courses

Need a little refresher course in organic gardening? Just need to learn, period? Check out this article. It's got 5 great suggestions.

DIY gardening ideas, container garden

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5. Container Gardening Ideas

If you really want to get into DIY gardening, this is the piece for you. It's filled with beautiful container gardening ideas.

Organic gardening, drought

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6. Tips for Gardening During a Drought

A lot of us are dealing with droughts now. So, we thought we'd include this story about gardening during dry times.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Organic gardening, garden pests

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7. Natural Garden Pest Control

Got pests? Well, don't use conventional chemicals. Go organic. This article lists 5 ways to get pests under control.

Organic gardening tips

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8. Tips for Organic Gardening

This article has 6 great general but helpful tips on how to get your organic garden growing well.

Organic gardening, hacks

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9. 15 Green Gardening Hacks

This article lists 15 ways to keep your organic garden healthy. Because believe us, there are plenty of mundane things that can go wrong.

Organic gardening, salad garden

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10. Grow a Summer Salad Garden

Want to make a summer salad garden? We can help you with that. This article will give you all the salad gardening tips you need.

Organic gardening, compost

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11. Make a Gardening Compost Bin

If you're going to grow a garden, you're going to need compost. This article will tell you all you need to know about creating a compost bin.

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