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12 Creative and Affordable Homemade Holiday Gifts for Under $10

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Homemade holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

With Thanksgiving out of the way, now we can turn our attention to the winter holidays. But if you are dreading the whole gift giving rigmarole, consider homemade holiday gifts this year. The holidays shouldn’t be about the mall and buying people more stuff they don’t need (and that will likely end up being re-gifted, or worse, in a landfill somewhere). Instead, get off the holiday roller coaster and make thoughtful and meaningful homemade holidays gifts.

And lest you think homemade holiday gifts must be time-consuming and expensive, think again. We’ve come up with some ideas that are quick, practical and cost under $10 to make (some even way less than that).

Consider making homemade holiday gifts for just about everyone on your list--from your kids and parents to neighbors and teachers--and enjoy the gift giving process a whole lot more this year. Homemade gifts are always appreciated and will keep you away from the hustle nad bustle of the mall for sure!

There are plenty of great ideas for homemade holiday gifts, but we have come up some ideas that won’t break the bank, and that are also practical.

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Homemade Holiday Gifts Under $10

  1. Repurposed Jar Snow Globes - Okay, this idea isn't quite practical, but making homemade snow globes is not only fun, it makes for a super special gift. Here’s a tutorial.
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar - Place all the dry ingredients, plus the chocolate chips, in layers in a mason jar for a super thoughtful gift. Your giftees will just have to add oil or butter, and eggs to make homemade cookies.
  3. Personalized Ornaments - Use paint markers and colored glass Christmas balls to create personalized Christmas tree ornaments for everyone on your list.
  4. Sewing Repair Kit - Add the basics, like needle and thread, stick pins, generic buttons, little scissors, and a thimble to a mason jar for a handy sewing kit.
  5. Infused Spirits - For adult giftees, consider making and gifting your own infused spirits. Use flavors of the season, like cranberry and cinnamon. Here’s an easy how-to for making infused spirits.
  6. Tea Cup Candles - Turn thrift store tea cup and saucers into pretty and sweet-smelling candles to gift.
  7. Homemade Bath Fizzies - Make bath fizzies, or other skin-soothing products, for your giftees. Here are some ideas for making homemade bath and body goods.
  8. Custom Mugs - Buy plain white, or solid color, mugs and personalize and decorate them with food-safe permanent markers and paint.
  9. Homemade Marshmallows - Fill those personalized mugs with homemade marshmallows for extra points!
  10. Christmas in Jar Room Deodorizer - Everyone enjoys a sweet-smelling home. Make homemade potpourri featuring scents of the season like orange, cinnamon, cloves and more. Here’s a recipe.
  11. Mini Terrariums - Give the gift of life in a jar by making homemade mini-terrariums in mason jars.
  12. Pinecone Fire Starters - For those family and friends with a fireplace, firepit, or woodstove, consider making homemade pinecone fire starters with pinecones, soy wax, and fragrant oils. Here’s a handy tutorial.

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