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15 Fantastic DIY Pet Projects for Your Felines and Fidos

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DIY pet project ideas for cats and dogs.

Whether you are a cat or dog person (or love them both), nurture your pets and make living with pets a little easier with these fun do-it-yourself pet projects.

  1. DIY Pet Stairs – Simple pets steps you can make yourself. Dogs can use them to climb onto furniture they can’t reach and cats would love to sun themselves on them in front of a window.
  2. DIY Modern Striped Dog Bed - Who said dog beds need to be only utilitarian? Make a mod-inspired dog bed that you won’t be ashamed of when entertaining.
  3. Cat TeePee - Cats love hiding spots that they can spirit away to for nap time or when company arrives. Just don’t get too bent out of shape when the cat sleeps behind your creation.
  4. Pet Feeding Station - Those with both cats and dogs know the need for separate feeding areas--cats up high and dogs down low. This pet feeding station solves that problem and does so in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  5. Kitty Cat Basket Bed - We love this pet project idea for creating an out of the way kitty cat sleeping nook.
  6. Cat Ikea Hack - Convert an IKEA Billy bookshelf into a climbing maze to keep your cats active and occupied.
  7. Knitted Dog Ball Toy - Know how to knit? Make your dog’s day with this knitting project for a soft ball.
  8. Feather Cat Toy - Make your kitty cat a feather cat toy out of wool felt and satisfy the hunter in them without harming any birds.
  9. Cat or Dog Flea Collar - Help control fleas with this pet project utilizing essential oils.
  10. Cat Scratching Pad - Repurpose that corrugated cardboard into a cat scratching tower to protect your furniture.
  11. DIY Cat Enclosure - Give your cat the taste of the outdoors while keeping her and the wildlife safe by building an outdoor enclosure.
  12. Pet Hammock - Create a cat or small dog under table hammock for a cozy place for your furry companion with this pet project.
  13. Dog Car Seat Cover - Protect your car seats and provide your dog with some comfort while on car trips.
  14. Upcycled Pet Food Container - Repurpose popcorn or cookie tins into dry cat or dog food storage containers to keep pets from getting into stored food and to keep food fresher.
  15. Dish Towel Dog Toy - Use repurposed dish towels to make a fun toy for your dog.

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