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23 Spring Cleaning Shortcuts for the Busiest Areas of Your Home

Clean kitchen

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and you don't want it to take so long you miss the entire season. Below are 23 spring cleaning tips that will not only make the process super-efficient, they'll help you finally take control of the clutter that's been controlling you.


Just because the entryway is a dumping ground, doesn’t mean it has to look that way. Here are super-efficient spring cleaning strategies for a clutter-free entrance:

1. Add more hooks

Make sure there are enough hooks for everyone’s coats, bags and backpacks so they don’t end up on the floor. If you’ve got young kids, install hooks they can reach on their own.

2. Give everyone their own station

Everyone has a specific set of accessories they leave home with each day. Give everyone their own bucket/basket where they can store their hats, mitts, work and/or school items. If you're worried about one of your family members forgetting something important, you can toss reminders in their stations too.

3. Setup a key/phone area

Create a phone charging station everyone can use. Find funky bowls or trays that can be used for keys and other pocketed items.

4. Tuck away shoes

As a single woman constantly tripping over shoes, I can only imagine what entire families must deal with. Setup a basket or tray specifically for shoes that’s tucked away – either behind the door or under a foyer table.

5. Hang a mail station on the wall

Deal with junk mail immediately, then organize bills, coupons and invitations into a mail station. One of my friends uses an old window shutter and tucks her mail between the slats – it looks super chic!

6. Collect spare change

What are your couch cushions going to do with all your hard earned money? Find a large bowl or unique container where everyone can throw their spare change – then decide what to do with it as a family.

Living room

If you find yourself cleaning your living room more than living in it, use these spring cleaning tips so you have more time to kick back:

7. Clear the clutter

When it comes to your living room, it’s crucial to be the clutter police: Regularly go in with a laundry basket and take out anything that isn’t supposed to be there.

8. Speed-dust

It feels like five seconds after you’ve dusted something, it’s dusty again. Sigh. Your spring cleaning arsenal isn’t complete without microfiber cloths. When you do a regular surface dust on your electronics and coffee table/end tables, it makes thorough cleaning sessions much more efficient.

9. Fluff pillows and fold throws

This is one of those spring cleaning tactics that makes a huge visual impact, yet is so simple to do!

10. Clear the coffee table

I’m amazed at how quickly things pile on such a small surface! At the end of every day, make sure there’s nothing on the coffee table that isn’t supposed to be there.

11. Collect the remotes

Baskets are the perfect catch-all for things like remote controls and magazines, which, left scattered about, instantly make your living space look cluttered. Give them their own spot so they don’t take over yours.

12. De-hair the furniture

When your pets are shedding all over your furniture, one of the most efficient spring cleaning strategies out there is rubbing all fabric surfaces with a pair of rubber gloves, then gathering and tossing the fur balls.


I feel like I’m always doing the dishes – you know, because I am. The kitchen’s one of those places where if you don’t stay on top of things, you might never go in there again.

13. Clean messes as they happen

Wipe spills before they harden. Rinse your dishes before food fuses to them. Basically, do what you can now so you’re not making more work for yourself later.

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14. Keep cleaning supplies within easy reach

I used to have all of my cleaning supplies in one area of my home, and now that I’ve moved them to each room they’re meant for – well, I actually use them.

15. Wipe down daily

At the end of each day, wipe down your counters, sinks, appliances, and sweep the floor. This helps to prevent buildup, so when it comes time for an intense spring cleaning session it won’t take the entire season. Once you make it part of your daily routine, it barely takes any energy to accomplish.

16. Never go to bed with dishes in the sink

It’s bad enough when your alarm goes off, do you really want to start your day with a stack of dirty dishes too?

17. Sort through your fridge weekly

I won’t get into the number of times I’ve almost poisoned myself with food that should’ve been thrown out weeks ago (I wish I was joking). I’ve since learned my lesson, and once a week I sort through my fridge to make sure nothing in there is older than I am.


The hair. The fluff. The dust. The madness! Here are small ways to maintain your bathroom that make a big difference:

18. Wipe out tub/shower after every use

Much like the kitchen, it’s important to clean your bathroom on a daily basis to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. My BFF in the bathroom is my squeegee.

19. Deal with drips as they happen

Anytime there’s a soap drip, toothpaste splatter, or lint pileup, deal with them as they happen.

20. Shake out/fluff your bath mat

Shake out your bathmat regularly to keep it looking nice and fluffy.

21. Dust, dust, dust

Clean your toilet, and dust every surface for stray hairs, fluff and dirt.

Bonus Spring Cleaning Tips

Use these spring cleaning tips for every room in your home:

22. Vacuum/dust weekly

If you get into the habit of vacuuming and dusting on a weekly basis, it will make spring cleaning that much more efficient.

23. Pick up clutter daily

Do a clean sweep of your entire home before you kick back. I find the best time to declutter is right after work, when I’m still in adrenaline mode.

What spring cleaning shortcuts make the difference in your home?

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