3 Bad-Ass Halloween Costumes for Every Feminist

Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash
image via Julia Raasch/Unsplash

Box stores, online shops, and pop-up Halloween costume stores are filled to the brim with mass-marketed Halloween costumes.

Although these outfits are easy to buy and slap on in a pinch, they lack creative thought and sometimes are quite insensitive to various cultures and people (hello, sugar skull bride and Native American princess).

So, skip the stores this year and choose to make your own costume that spreads a positive feminist message.

Although you could choose to be a specific person who exudes feminist magnificence, we choose to go the general costume route to help you…

1. Spend as little money as possible, and…

2. Help you potentially think of other similar costumes that your friends and family could wear, too.

1. A woman running for local office

If the 2016 presidential election has taught us anything, it’s that not voting—especially in local elections—is not an option. And sadly, people typically don’t vote, or even pay attention to, local elections.

So, if you choose to dress as a woman running for local office, you can do the following:

1. Answer the inevitable, semi-drunken, “so, what are you, anyway?” with a confident, “I’m a strong, capable woman who is running for local office to make change from the bottom to the top!”

2. In addition to being able to wear whatever you want with this costume, you can easily make it more fun by creating political signs or flyers that spread the word about the importance of participating in local elections.

2. An ally

Although everyone thinks they are an ally, many people truly fall short in achieving this goal. From men who crow, “not all men”, to people who think it’s okay to ask “what are you”, in reference to a person’s nationality—many people could use help when it comes to being a true ally.

So, help educate the masses; consider being a real ally this Halloween. Basically, someone who has the guts to go up to the people in the culturally insensitive costumes and say, “hey, I know you mean well, but this isn’t okay.”

Your costume can, again, consist of whatever outfit you want. Simply embellish it with activist pins, etc.

3. An Internet troll fighter

We all know the Internet is filled with people who want to ruffle our feathers. However, allowing these people the satisfaction of letting our hair raise is not the answer. Thoughtfully responding to their hate—or knowing when to not respond—are the only ways to really stop a troll in their tracks.

So, for this outfit, merely wear a white shirt that’s printed with various trolly sentiments that are followed by the appropriate, thoughtful response.

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