3 Ways Using Grey Water is Easier than You Think

Dripping water

Water is scarce, you guys. We’ve all got to pitch in and think of ways to help save water, simple as that! Luckily, most water saving tactics are incredibly easy and involve catching and using grey water. (Seriously – most of the following tips involve a strategically placed bucket – what is simpler than that?)

Get out your bucket

1. No one enjoys jumping into a cold shower. Next time you’re waiting for your shower to warm up, place a bucket under the shower to collect the cool water. Use it in your garden or to water houseplants.

2. We all forget to turn off the faucet while we’re cleaning dishes every now and again. So, use a small bucket or a glass to collect water as you clean dishes. (A word of caution: Make sure your grey water isn’t tainted with harsh soaps and chemicals. Soaps that have “garden friendly” on their labels are safe.)

Speaking of faucets…

3. I’m betting that you have one faucet that leaks every so often. Capitalize on your procrastination! Get out a bucket or a pan and collect the water that’s just dripping into the drain overnight, or during the day. But don’t forget to fix the faucet, soon!

Now that you have a few simple ways to use grey water lodged in your mind, here’s a bit of advice on how you can safely water with it, courtesy of Mother Earth News:

  • Only use grey water to water edible plants that grow off the ground, such as fruit trees, or crops like corn. Don’t use grey water to water root vegetables.
  • Use grey water within 24 hours of collecting it.
  • Don’t let grey water pool up or run off.

Before you start using grey water make sure to check to find out if the state you live in has codes about using grey water.

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Image: Steve Karsch