5 Stellar DIY Standing Desk Hacks That Don’t Cost As Much As a Car

butcher block standing desk

Standing desks are great for your health – but not so great for your bank account balance. Quite a few exist that are so expensive you’d probably have to take out a second mortgage, and even the cheaper options run $300 and up. Ouch. Sure, you could create a DIY standing desk by putting your laptop on top of a laundry basket or box, but come on here people.

Here are 5 DIY standing desk options that are as fashionable as they are functional:

butcher block standing desk

1. Standing Corner Desk

This standing corner desk from A Beautiful Mess utilizes that awkward space between window and wall that would otherwise be an eyesore. Perfect for getting your own work done while your hubby procrastinates on his.

butcher block standing desk

2. Shelf Turned Standing Desk

Out of all the DIY standing desk hacks, this one on Apartment Therapy is my ultimate fave. Not only does it make the desktop computer look less clunky, the cords are hidden for a clutter-free experience.

butcher block standing desk

3. Desktop Standing Desk

This desktop stand-up desk is a great way to turn the desk you already have into a DIY standing desk. To make it the perfect height for you, all you have to do is change up the length of pipe you use.

butcher block standing desk

4. Butcher Block Standing Desk

Who knew plumbing supplies could look so chic? This DIY standing desk is made of butcher block (though you could use any repurposed piece of wood – even a door!), and the legs are constructed using pipe, which you can adjust accordingly based on your height.

butcher block standing desk

5. Cardboard Standing Desk

Yep, cardboard. If you’re just not feeling the DIY thing, thanks to Chairigami there’s a sustainable (and reasonable) alternative. You made everything with boxes as a kid, so why not bring on the fun?

Which DIY standing desk hacks have caught your eye?

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