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Hit the Road: 6 Day Trips to Spice Up Your Weekend

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It’s the weekend and you absolutely, must, have to leave the city. But you understandably don’t want to travel too far (8 a.m. on Monday is so, so early) and would like to spend as little cash as possible (holidays, people).

Well, lucky for you, every region has stellar destinations that tend to be overlooked by locals. Read on to spark your imagination and then, drop everything and get the heck out of town!

Small trips (get away for 2-8 hours)

1. Visit a historic graveyard

Historic graveyards are fascinating. Old graveyards are typically nestled in an open field and surrounded by a beautiful, natural landscape. The locations are quiet and old tombstones are often wrought with fascinating words of wisdom, and beautiful etchings. Take some charcoal and tracing paper to record any must-not-forget finds.

2. Hit up the museums and galleries

After living in a city for a while, it’s easy to forget its varied galleries and museums. Check to see what new exhibits are in town, and visit a few museums in the morning, grab a quick bite for lunch, and cap the day off at a gallery pondering what that complex color scheme really means.

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3. Look at the scenery

Take advantage of the not-too-cold temperatures and take a long hike. Take a camera to your favorite outdoor area and document the changing season before all the foliage falls away.

4. Take a weekend to patronize new-to-you restaurants

You keep reading restaurant reviews that rave about this place, or that cafe. But, alas, you never get the chance to patronize these supposedly stellar eateries. Eat at a new place every day this weekend. You’ll get to enjoy some new, unique dishes, and will help out local restaurateurs, too.

Weekend trips (leave for the whole weekend)

5. Go to a nearby college town

Most college towns have amazing restaurants, art galleries and shops. Book a room at a local bed and breakfast, take in the sites, and get in touch with your inner college student.

6. Patronize a local winery or brewery

You could make this a short trip, but if you’re like me, you want to enjoy local booze and walk a short distance to a nice hotel, rather than taking a long taxi ride home. Enjoy the sites, tastes and above all, relax.

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