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6 Self-Watering Pots and Planters for Forgetful Minds

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We’re all pro-plant here, right? Plants are keen! And it’s difficult to harbor ill will towards living objects that are beautiful and produce edibles. But sadly, even the most dedicated plant lover can forget to water her little green friends in a timely manner. Keep buds blooming instead of browning by investing in a few self-watering pots and planters, or by making a few self-water-ers with your crafty, green thumbs, er, hands.

So, let’s start with the teeny-tiny plant containers: The Grobal Self-Watering Flowerpotcomes in multiple colors (black, white, blue, etc.) The pots are priced between $15 and $17, and come in two sizes (7-inch and 4.5-inch). They easily house flowers, herbs, and succulents.

On to the medium plant box: The Brookstone Self-Watering Planter can fit on a windowsill and in small spaces. The planter can provide water to plants for about two weeks. The planter is for indoor use and is great for edibles, foliage, and blooming plants. The planter is $39.99 and comes in multiple colors, too.

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Another awesome medium-sized box: EarthBox makes multiple container garden systems. The boxes are maintenance-free and control soil conditions while up-ing your plant’s yield. EarthBoxes are priced around $32.95.

And the big-ish guy: Plow & Hearth sells a pricey ($159.95), indoor/outdoor Self-Watering Cottage Planter. The planters are UV resistant and waterproof, and include a sub-irrigation system. Available in mocha and white.

If you’re all about function and getting your hands dirty, opt for a DIY self-watering container. Mother Earth News has an insanely detailed guide on how to make self-watering containers, while the Urban Organic Gardner has a step-by-step guide and video to help you through the DIY process.


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