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7 Mobile Phone Apps to Get Organized

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These days, our smart phones are our lives, but just like the rest of your life, things can get a little... messy. Here are seven apps that will help you get organized—and stay organized—in a flash.

  1. Evernote
    This is my go-to app for all things organizational. I use it to make lists, save web addresses, clip articles and recipes, save ideas for future articles... You name it, you can probably do it with Evernote. It's got a desktop client as well, so you'll always have access to your stuff, and you can make certain folders public if you want to share your stuff with friends or coworkers.
  2. ZipList
    This app and website let you save recipes from anywhere on the web, add them to a meal plan, and instantly add the ingredients to your grocery list. It will even tell you if anything on your list is on sale at your favorite local store. This was a meal planning game changer for me. 
  3. Remember the Milk
    A super simple to do list app that's also super powerful. Use functions like tags to make your system as complex as you need it to be, or just keep a running list of all those little things you have to remember to do. My only qualm with this one is that you have to pay for the pro version to update your mobile list in real time. 
  4. Instapaper
    Save anything from the web, email, or just about anywhere to read later when you don't have an internet connection. Very handy for people trying to save a little money on their data plans! 
  5. Cue
    You've got two calendars, three to-do lists, dinner reservations through OpenTable, plane tickets, and countless other stuff floating around on your phone. Connect your accounts and Cue puts what's going on today in one simple, clean interface. That's all it does, but it does it beautifully. 
  6. Google Mobile Apps
    If you use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar or any of the other useful goodies in the Google suite of services, there's an app for it, and it will make your life a whole lot easier. Gain access to all your calendars, your documents, and your communications and take control.
  7. Goodreads
    If you're like me, you're always making mental lists of books to read (among the zillions of other mental lists you keep). You could keep them in Evernote, but the nifty thing about the Goodreads app is that it has a barcode scanner that lets you scan that latest and greatest title at the bookstore, and pick it up when your paycheck comes in (or when you find it at the library).
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