7 Clever Ideas for Building Your Own Backyard Oasis: From Yurts to Friggebod


Get inspired to create your own backyard oasis and make the most of your backyard space.

You might think with autumn almost upon us that the time to let your mind wander to planning your backyard is over. But fall is the perfect time to start planning on how you can maximize your backyard before the winter sets in, or to at least have everything set up for you to hit the ground running in the spring.

For those of you with an underutilized backyard space who are dreaming of bigger and better things, the time is never too late to create that backyard oasis. Whether it’s a cool treehouse you saw on Pinterest, a super neato teepee you came across in a magazine or a uber-practical pergola you found on Organic Authority, it’s all achievable. The first step is the inspiration, the second step is the plan and the third step is finding friends to help you build it. That is the most awesome thing about building a backyard oasis–if you build it they will come.

7 Ideas for Building Your Own Backyard Oasis

  1. Tiki Hut – Tiki huts are structures made from bamboo, thatch and rope made popular in the 1950s after World War II when Polynesian culture became a pop culture phenomenon. Make your dreams of a tiki hut possible with these plans to build your own.
  2. Yurt – It is possible to build your own backyard yurt. Check out this how-to on how to raise a yurt in only four hours!
  3. Repurposed Outdoor Room – Build a custom outdoor room from repurposed and salvaged parts like porch beams and galvanized steel plates. It’s possible to find these things at estate sales and salvage yards.
  4. Handmade Hideaway – Construct your very own freestanding handmade hideaway, which is kind of like a treehouse, but without the tree.
  5. Pergola – The beauty of a pergola is once you have it built, you plant some sort of vines to provide shade and organic beauty. Learn how to make one first with this tutorial.
  6. Screen Room – An outdoor oasis doesn’t need to to overly complicated to construct. Consider creating a screen room from repurposed screen doors. Practical, easy to build and eco-friendly.
  7. Friggebod – A friggebod is a summer Swedish outdoor room or shed–think tiny house. Build your own from these plans to add more living space to your home and yard.

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