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7 Colorful Craft Ideas with Paint Swatches

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I have confession to make: I am a thief. I steal. You know those colorful little paper paint swatches home improvement and paint stores offer up? While I know they are there for the taking, I’m not sure my local home improvement store would quite approve of the very liberal handfuls of these cards I take...especially since I have no intention of buying paint.

And now you may be wondering why I want these paint swatches in the first place. Well, if you aren’t aware, there’s a whole category of crafts devoted to using paint swatches as a medium. I know, right? The things creative people think up?!

I first saw this idea in an magazine advertisement for a paint company a few years ago. I began looking up projects on the Internet and shortly after, became hooked. I’ve made bookmarks, earrings, collages, and I have plans for more projects in the future--especially home decor projects for our new home (which we are busy searching for with our realtor).

Here are some paint swatch projects to get your inspirational flow going.

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Image: Hey Gorgeous Events

1. Circle Punch Chandelier Mobile

I often need ideas to justify my somewhat expensive paper punch purchases and this project from Hey Gorgeous Events is just the project to do that with.

2. Cubist Rainbow Art

Paint swatches are a great medium for art and especially anything involving rainbows. This cubist rainbow interpretation from Our First Nest looks pretty simple to make too.

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Image: Cole and co

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Ombre Art

I like the look of ombre, you know that color trend of light shades graduating into dark? Paint swatch art makes the effect really easy to pull off like in this art print from Cole and co.

4. Paint Swatch Coffee Table

Take one old coffee table and some spray paint, modge podge and paint swatches and turn it into a colorful statement piece! This is a simple idea from Minimoz gives a lot of bang for the buck.

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Image: hahatango

5. Card Holder

This project from Design Verb could be used as a business card holder and involves some cutting, folding and glueing. Of course, what sometimes looks simple can actually be quite difficult. This does look like it would take some precision to get it just right.

6. Bunting/Garland

Having a party? Make a festive and colorful garland from paint swatch cards. Use this project from Sugar and Dots as a guide or get creative and come up with your own crafty idea.

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Image: Leslie Nash Designs

7. Pinwheel Straws

Also for entertaining, pinwheel straws are a fun way to add some color to your next party. Use this tutorial from Lisa Leonard and paint swatches for a colorful variation.

Top image: Abounding Treasures

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