7 Easy Decorating Ideas That Will Make You Love Your Home Again

Have you fallen out of love with your home? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. It happens. After the newness wears off, or after you’ve lived in the same place for 15+ years, everything seems old, dingy and not as great as it once seemed. But don’t worry, our easy decorating ideas will have your loving your home like it was new…without breaking the bank!

After living in a place for a long period of time, the imperfections become apparent. What stands out is how that one bathroom cabinet door sticks no matter what you do, or that your closet just isn’t quite large enough, or how’s there’s an never enough drawer space in the kitchen.

The obvious solution, of course, would be to move or to remodel, but another simplier solution is to renew the love you first had for your home. The closet was too small and the kitchen drawers were just as lacking when you first moved in, but you just didn’t care–you loved your home sweet home. Your home hasn’t changed–you have, and these decorating ideas are more doable (not to mention cheaper and more sustainable too) than picking up and moving or planning a costly remodel!

Ready to fall in love with your home again? Here are some decorating ideas that will rev up your imagination!

1. Rearrange the Furniture.

Nothing makes me feel like my space is brand new than rearranging the furniture. I do this twice a year and I plan it around my spring and fall cleaning.

2. Plant a Garden

Whether you plant a decorative or functional garden, the act of creating it and enjoying it is extending the living space of your home.

3. Entertain

I often find when I am down on my house that having people over can be the surest way to improve my outlook. Inevitably someone comments on how great my home is and it helps me see it through fresh eyes.

4. Tackle a Project

Cleaning out a much neglected closet or repurposing a corner for a new hobby might seem more like chores than decorating ideas, but both can work wonders to reinvigorate your mood towards your home. What simple projects or tasks could you tackle that would make you feel better about your space?

5. Lighting

Brightening things up can really make a huge difference. Try to take as much advantage of the natural light as you can, but don’t be hesitant to add some new lamps or fixtures to improve your home’s appeal.

6. Changeable Art

I have a big print collection and to freshen things up, I swap prints in and out of use and even move them around the house. You will honestly be amazed at how adding a different piece of framed art to a dark corner can liven it up!

7. Candles and Flowers

When all else fails, or you want the quickest decorating ideas, just had more aromatherapy candles and fresh flowers to your home. Doing that never fails to help me forget about those dust bunnies in the corner or those scuffs on the wall behind the couch.

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