7 Eco-friendly Crafts for Kids: Beat the Rainy Day Blues

Beat the rainy day blues with these crafts for kids.

Whether it’s spring break, summer vacation or the just a wet weekend, a rainy day with kids can spell disaster. As a parent you never want to hear the phrase “I’m bored” come out of your kid’s mouth, and a rainy day is one of the surest ways to make that happen. Be proactive and have a plan in place to keep the rainy day blues at hand with some ready to go crafts for kids. Your kids (and your sanity) will thank you for being so prepared with these crafts for kids.

Here are some great eco-friendly crafts for kids. Wait for the next rainy day or dive right in this weekend.

1. Rainbow Foam Dough – if you aren’t afraid of a little mess, try this idea for making rainbow foam dough. Just combine shaving cream, cornstarch and food coloring to make a colorful and tactile delight. Kids can “paint” with it and form it into shapes.

2. Milk Carton Bird Feeder – Repurpose milk or orange juice cartons and Popsicle sticks into an eco-friendly bird feeder. Hang it up outside when the rain clears and have your kid keep track of the birds who use it. A great teaching opportunity and a fun way to spend an afternoon.

3. Paper Plate Ring Toss – For more of an inside activity, try making your own ring toss game out of paper plates and a paper towel tube. This is a a two-in-on craft: make it and then play with it.

4. Cereal Box Marble Run – Here is another great idea for reusing recyclables, only this time it’s for turning a cereal box into a marble run. This craft would be a good project for older kids to make and for younger kids to play with.

5. Recycled “Robots” – More recycled crafts for kids, but this one is definitely for older kids. Use old aluminum cans, electrical tape, keys, hardware and other gewgaws to create Mr. Potato Head-style robots.

6. Seed Bookmarks – Use paper destined for the recycle bin to make seeded paper, which then can be used to make plantable bookmarks. This is a multi-step project that is suited to older children.

7. Toilet Paper Tube Frame – Make these cool picture frames out of old toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Use them to frame those school pictures and gift to grandparents and aunts and uncles.

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