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Art Meets Cooking: 48 Cast Iron Skillets Shaped Like Your State

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Every well-stocked kitchen needs a heavy-duty cast iron skillet, the kind that are seasoned over the course of years and handed down within a family for generations. They're free from the harmful chemicals of teflon-coated pans and incredibly durable. Better yet, what if you could get one that was made in America?

Or, made to look like America?

The iron artists at Fe Lion Studios have created the "Made in America" line of cast iron skillets, each in the shape of one of the lower 48. (No love for Alaska or Hawaii.) These functional works of art are handmade to order and come with a custom magnetic hanger so you can display your skillet as art, use it for breakfast, and then hang it back up again when you're done.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Now you can easily cook up a Texas-sized (and shaped) pancake, bake a Colorado sheet cake, or have your eggs shaped like Florida—sunny side up, of course.

The skillets are made by Wisconsin-based metal artist Alisa Toninato and are made to scale (California and Texas require two handles). The pans range in price from $200 to $2,500, depending on the size of the state.

And if you want the whole shebang? No word on the cost, but the entire country as pictured above measures 9 and a half feet by 6 feet and weighs over 500 pounds. Casual cooks need not apply.

Image: Fe Lion Studios

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