Deep Green Clean: 23 Ways to Get Your Home Fresh for Spring


The spring equinox has come and gone, and has left soaking rain, muddy trails and fallen buds that have ravaged your yard. As a result, the paw prints on your floor need to be scrubbed up, and the dusty lawn furniture needs a spray down. You're in need of a spring cleaning. And stop! Don't take the easy way out. Refrain from calling a cleaning company -- you're totally capable of doing this yourself. Take a weekend, or clean a room a day. No matter how you approach this project, you'll get it done.

So, get out your organic cleaners, and put on your best scrubs -- it's time to give your home a thorough spring cleaning.

Here, There and Everywhere (in Your Home)

Open the windows

Yes, this will allow dust to get in, but you're going to be using lots (and lots) of cleaning products. Although all your green products are organic, it's smart to keep all fumes (as minuscule as they may be) at bay with a fresh, spring breeze.

Move all furniture

From the looks of things under your bed, coffee table and couch, it has been a very long winter. Dust, sweep, and vacuum all those pesky dust rats (because let's face it: These things do not resemble bunnies) away.

Take rugs outdoors

Give 'em a good swat and either hose them down or wash them.

Other ideas

Clean the ceiling and ceiling fan, and dust all vents and lamp shades.

Dust bookshelves.

Wax wood furniture.

Wash windows and window screens.

In the Bedroom

Clean all bedding

You probably already do this on a regular basis, but sometimes we forget our duvet cover and pillow shams. Also, your mattress cover needs some good, clean love every so often. If need be, take bedding to an green dry cleaner. The pieces will get the delicate attention they rightly deserve.

How old are those pillows?

If you can't remember, re-purpose them to the dog bed or make them permanent floor pillows meant for lounging. If you do remember when you purchased them, give all of 'em a run through the washing machine.

Other ideas

Flip your mattress. Prolong its life (and promote your back's healthy and happy existence).

Organize the closet, and clean out your dresser drawers.

From the Organic Authority Files

In the Bathroom

Cosmetics purge

Cosmetics don't last forever. Throw out the old, and if you haven't already switched to natural cosmetics and essential oils, make the switch. Clean hair brushes and make-up brushes, too.

Other ideas

Clean the bathroom rug.

Dust light fixtures.

Clean shower heads and organize all those bottles residing under your sink.

In the Kitchen

Clean appliances

So, how often do you clean the bottom of the fridge? What about your microwave? Yeah. That's what I thought. A natural disinfectant works well in the fridge, and a bowl of water with lemon, heated for a minute, loosens dried food that's attached itself to the top of your microwave.

Make drip pans sparkle

Another sad place that tends to get neglected. Run them through the dishwasher and remove burnt crumbs from burners.

Other ideas

Replace all sponges.

Clean fridge, stove and microwave handles.

Give kitchen cabinets a dusting.

Other Things to Clean

Take this opportunity to clean grocery bags, yoga mats, water bottles and other germ traps we tend to forget to clean.

Clean outdoor spaces: outdoor furniture, walkways, grills and porches.

Clean out and organize your garage.

Take winter coats to your natural dry cleaners.

Need more cleaning tips and cleaning product ideas? Check out our article on winter spring cleaning. Also, find out how common foods can double as natural cleaners (I'm intrigued by the onion suggestion).


Martha Stewart

image: LifeSupercharger

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