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3 Tips for Bringing Your Personality into Your Home Decor

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Could someone you don't know walk into your home and get a feel for who you are? If you answered no, it's time to bring that awesome personality of yours into your home decor. You aren't a cookie-cutter person, so your home shouldn't have cookie-cutter decor either. Here are three questions you can ask yourself to help you get there.

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1. What is my style?

Just like your wardrobe, your personal style should be reflected throughout your home. If you're passionate for vintage items, perhaps you'll have a softer pallet of colors with secondhand or shabby chic furniture. For those with a more modern style, you'll probably want furniture with sleek lines and bold colors. If you have an eclectic style, you'll most likely have a mix match of several different bold colors, and even styles, in one room. Determine what your preference is and add pieces that reflect it. Easy items to add to your current decor are throw pillows, rugs, and small furniture pieces.

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2. What are my hobbies?

Do you like sports, music, sewing, reading, or fashion? Show your hobbies, and your family's hobbies, in your decor. Displaying them doesn't have to be cheesy. For example, I am a musician, so I have several pieces in my home that reflect my love for music (like the art I created pictured above). For those who play or enjoy sports, like baseball, showcase your baseball collection in a unique way. If your hobby is fashion, recycle old fashion magazines into art.

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3. What is my personality?

This may seem like such a silly question, but many of us don't take the time to really think about who we are. What is your personality? Are you bright and cheery, mellow, dark, outgoing? A person who is bright and cheery may want to incorporate bright and cheery colors into their home—yellow, white, orange, red, etc. If they're dark, they will be drawn to colors like browns, blacks, and deep reds. You're certainly not limited to these colors, but as you choose colors for your home, make sure they express who you are and how you want that room to feel. If you need help choosing paint colors, check out our post What Paint Colors Are Right For You.

As I buy items (mostly secondhand decor items) for my home, I ask myself, "Does this look like me?" If it does, I buy it. If it doesn't, I move on. Before you know it, your home will become an outward expression of who you are. Then, when your friends and family come over for that fabulous dinner party, they'll be impressed by your decor's unique personality and style.

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