Ditch Plastic For Good: 5 Plastic Alternatives For Everyday Life

You should embrace plastic alternatives.

We’re all guilty of using plastic when we know we shouldn’t. Using plastic is a nasty habit and it’s fueled by convenience. But if we know anything about our readers, we know they are: 1. Smart!, and 2. Resourceful – none of us need plastic. So, to help you purge plastic from your life for good, we’ve rounded up 5 ways for you to ditch this material (plus plastic alternatives) and kick it to the curb (in your recycling container, of course) for good.

1. Use glass jars for packing lunch, carrying homemade beverages

If you’re anything like me, you probably buy a few items that are contained in glass jars when you go to the store. After you empty the jars, just wash ‘em out and save them. Then, come lunch or smoothie prep time, pull out your clean jars and pack them with edible goodies. Glass jars are great for transporting food and are reusable.

2. Use a canvas shopping bag

Duh. It should be a no-brainer to use these bags, but sometimes we forget them. Make sure you never forget these reusable bags again by packing a few spare bags in you car, in your purse, or on your bike.

3. Don’t use straws

I know, I love straws, too. But they are a total waste! Resist the urge to use plastic straws at restaurants. And if you’re really a die-hard straw lover, bring your own! Some companies are now making glass and biodegradable straws.

4. Buy a reusable razor

Let’s face it – plastic razors are crap. It’s better for the environment (and your skin) to invest in a nice razor with a replaceable blade.

5. Use cloth diapers

I have this running route I take almost every day. For about six months, I’ve seen the same plastic diaper just chillin’ in a ditch. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon and it’s gross. Cloth diapers? They aren’t really going anywhere either and that’s good because they are totally reusable.

For more awesome ideas on how to get plastic out of your life, read this article at Treehugger.

Do you have any favorite plastic alternatives?

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