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7 of the Best Home Design Ideas from Ikea Hacks

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Whether we want to admit it or not, we all shop at Ikea. Most of us are addicted to the streamlined design and clever products even while we mock the dorm room appeal, pictograph assembly instructions and funny sounding names. Many are also lured in by the flexibility and creativity with which Ikea products can be reworked, repurposed or re-envisioned. There’s a lot of room for DIY with the some assembly required Ikea goods; and there’s even name for it too! It’s called Ikea hacking, and if you check out any home design blog, Pinterest or flickr page you are bound to come across some ingenious and/or stunning reinterpretations from the Ikea catalog of goods.

While some of these Ikea hacks are just novelty ideas, others sure make for some really stunning home design ideas.

Here are some of the seven of the best home design Ikea hacks around.

1. Malm Ikea Hack

This hack takes the rather simple and plain Malm 3-drawer dresser and turns it into an elegant an elevated version instead. This project looks to be pretty easy too--a coat of paint and some handles turned this dresser from yawn into wow!

2. Indoor Herb garden Ikea Hack

Fresh herbs year round and cool design? Sounds like a match made for your kitchen! This clever hack utilizes the Ikea Vurm wine rack and pint glasses for a great combination of form and function.

3. Ombre Dresser Ikea Hack

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From the Organic Authority Files

Ombre is a recent home decor trend that’s been making the rounds. This project utilizes Ikea’s new Tarva 5-drawer dresser to create an ombre look. Decor8’s advice is to use a paint chip to get the colors just right.

4. Decorative Trim Fronted Bedside Table

This is one beautiful project and was inspired by a $500+ table from Anthropologie--this diy version costs ONLY $96. Made using the Ikea Fira, which has since been discontinued but the similar Moppe might still be available in some stores.

5. Farmhouse Chic Coffee Table Ikea Hack

For this project, boards are painted and distressed and added to the top of the Ikea Hemnes coffee table to create a rustic farmhouse looking piece. The before and after is really just unbelievable!

6. Chic Desk Ikea Hack

An old kitchen room table relegated to the garage gets a new life as a chic desk with this project. Some wood decorative pieces are added to the Ikea Ingo dining table to make an elegant desk that looks good enough for the living room!

7. Faux Copper Ceiling Lamp

This project takes that iconic Ikea pendant lamp, the Fillsta, and gives it a facelift--and all that’s needed is some copper spray paint.

Image: emily katherine may

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