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How to Make Certain Your Wood Furniture is Sustainable

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Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

There are infinite ways that you can have a better impact on the environment. In fact, making a commitment to be more eco-friendly can sometimes feel overwhelming because there are so many ways to do it. Where do you start, what priorities should you make, when is it okay to cheat a little? One possible area to focus on is your home, specifically with furniture solutions. In our fast-cheap-obsessed-with-aesthetics-and-instant-gratification-world you may be tempted to buy slap-it-together furniture to fill your home. Resist the urge. Instead, choose wood furniture that will last a lifetime. We all know that cheap particle board furniture isn’t meant to last. By purchasing those kinds of furniture, you will just end up replacing those pieces sooner rather than later. And they will also end up in a landfill. On the other hand, future generations can benefit from durable wood furniture.

And if possible, do try to invest in wood furniture that has been certified by a certification program like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Buying wood furniture that is FSC certified means your wood products are made from sustainable sources. Additionally, the FSC regulates the use of pesticides and illegal chemicals, the rights of indigenous peoples, and more. The FSC has developed a set of 10 principles and 57 criteria that apply to FSC-certified forests around the world. There are also two types of FSC certification: Forest Management and Chain of Custody. In both types of certification, independent FSC-accredited Certification Bodies verify the requirements for certification. The FSC also maintains a searchable database of valid certificates for maximum transparency.

To get you inspired to invest in long-lasting, durable, and sustainable wood, here are some sustainable furniture pieces.

Sustainable Wood Furniture Choices

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Mid-Century Modern Bed - Handmade using local sustainably sourced handpicked hardwood lumber from FSC Amish mill.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Credenza - Handmade using FSC maple plywood and poplar.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Chest of Drawers - Handmade with maple that is FSC certified as being derived from sustainable sources.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Nightstand - Handmade in Vermont using sustainably harvested woods.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Chair - Handmade with FSC certified douglas fir.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Bamboo Coffee Table - Handmade with caramelized FSC bamboo.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Patio Set - Made with FSC certified eucalyptus wood.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Dining Table - Handmade using walnut sourced from an Amish mill and is FSC certified.

Discover sustainable sourced wood furniture.

Bar Cabinet - Made with FSC certified Walnut veneer.

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