Move Over Tiny Houses, Cabiminiums Might Be the Next Big (Little) Housing Trend

Move Over Tiny Houses, Cabiminiums Might Be the Next Big Housing Trend

You’ve heard of cabins and you’ve of condominiums, cabiminiums are the two married together for the perfect low-key and low-maintenance home or getaway.

What is a Cabiminium?

Coined by a developer the term cabiminium refers to a cabin-style home in nature, but with all of the perks of condominium living.

One such property could be yours for just under $600,000, if you’re willing to move to the mountains of western North Carolina. Situated in the Eagle’s Nest development, which is a deed-restricted community, this cozy cabin is nestled along the Elk River and features a small footprint at a little over 1,200 square feet.

The condominium perks encompass common areas from scenic trails and indoor/outdoor gathering areas to a members-only club. Activities that are offered as a part of the community include wellness retreats, a winery, a nursery and farm, and a concert series–and all offered in the beautiful mountainous country of North Carolina.

Why and How?

The benefit of communal cabin living in natural settings is a trend that we could get behind. The idea of sharing infrastructure resources and maintenance of common spaces is very appealing. It’s also possible that this trend, if community organized (as opposed to being proposed by a developer), could be a good way to protect natural lands from over-development. The concept is definitely intriguing if care is taken to make the communities sustainable-focused. Plus, cabiminiums seem to be definitively about that outdoor living that we love.

While it looks like the term cabiminium might be reserved for community of Eagles Nest, the concept does exist elsewhere; however, it’s not quite ubiquitous. Of course, it’s easy to find cabin rentals, or to even purchase property to build a cabin on your own, but intentional communities of nature-situated cabins for sale does seem to not less common than one would like.

Here are a few more cabiminium situations that you could find yourself falling for.

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