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October Giveaway! Win Gorgeous Sustainable Fall Fashion Pieces From Threads 4 Thought ($500 Value!)

Threads 4 Thought has some beautiful autumn clothing.

Everyone’s closet could use a little seasonal infusion. That’s why we’re incredibly happy to announce Organic Authority’s totally seasonal October giveaway from Threads 4 Thought.

Threads 4 Thought, a fashion brand for men and women (that also includes and active clothing line and accessories), strives to improve the planet through promoting a sustainable lifestyle through fashion. The company is dedicated to giving back and touts the appropriate tagline: “Live Sustainably.” The company uses products, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and lenzing modal. All you have to do to be eligible to win this awesome $500 gift card giveaway is sign up for our newsletter.

Threads 4 Thought, clothing

In 2006, Eric and Leigh Fleet founded the company to help execute a single idea: make the fashion industry more sustainable. After a year (in 2007), the couple launched the company with a modest selection of t-shirts crafted with sustainable fabrics. If you look at the company’s website today, though, you can clearly see how it has substantially expanded its selection. And although the company has grown, it still maintains its original stance: stay sustainable and don't contribute to the sector of the textile industry known for polluting the planet through fast fashion.

Threads 4 Thought, clothing

While the company’s goals are lofty, I think we all can agree we’d feel good supporting a company that touts the following ideas:

  • Threads 4 Thought wants to reduce toxicity by 90 percent by using organic cotton.
  • Ninety-five percent of the production materials the company uses in the conversions process are recovered.
  • The company literally travels around the world to find factories to work with that treat their workers well. It has factories in China, India, Haiti, and Kenya.
  • Threads 4 Thought also donates clothing to something called The International Rescue Committee. The Committee works to respond to the world’s crisis and helps rebuild lives. In the past year, the company has donated $100,000 to the IRC. It also has donated $200,000 to the IRC New Roots Program (a Program that helps refugees become self sufficient).
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From the Organic Authority Files

Threads 4 Thought, clothing

So, are you ready to toss your name in the hat? We thought so. Just sign up here. As always, if you’re already signed up, great--that means you’re already entered! But, if you aren’t, don’t forget to sign up before it’s too late.

Threads 4 Thought, clothing

Don’t forget to visit Threads 4 Thought on social media:

Twitter: @Threads4Thought
Instagram: @Threads4Thought
Pinterest: @Threads4Thought

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