5 Purrfectly Simple Problem-Solving Cat Hacks for Cat Lovers

Live with cats? You have a need for these problem-solving cat hacks, like now!

We all know cats rules the world and the Internet, but did you know that cat ownership (companionship) is at an all time high? According to the Humane Society, there are 42.9 million households with cats in the U.S. Cats still have a ways to go to catch up dogs with 54.4 million of households having at least one dog, but it’s only a matter of time before cats completely dominate. As anyone living with cats knows, they pretty much already do dominate and cat life hacks are a complete necessity.

Cat lovers can tell you, living with cats can be great. They are pretty easy pets to keep, make fantastic companions, have a long lifespan when kept indoors, and are just about the cutest creatures on four legs. There are some downsides to having cats live in your home–they can pretty much sometimes be the worst roommate you’ve ever had. But don’t worry, we have some life hacks that can help solve some of the worst cat behaviors. It is important to note that cats aren’t bad, just sometimes misunderstood. It is your job as the cat’s roommate to read the signs and solve the root causes of their behavior issues.

5 Problem-Solving Cat Hacks for Cat Lovers

Problem: My cat is overweight and/or bored.

Solution: Instead of putting dry kibble in a bowl, try creating a game out of feeding time instead. Create a treat toy from a water bottle or toilet paper tube, so your cat has to work to get their food. It can help burn more calories and alleviate boredom as it also feeds the cat’s instinct to hunt.

2. Problem: Help! There’s cat hair everywhere!

Solution: When one lives with cats, there’s a lot of necessary vacuuming. But for those times when you need a quick clean-up, or to deal with difficult or delicate places to clean, there’s a trick. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, get them damp, and rub your hands over surfaces. You will be amazed at how well this tip works.

3. Problem: My cat is stressed out!

Solution: You’ve heard of the bat cave, but have you heard of a cat cave? Cats need their private space–who doesn’t, right? If your cat seems stressed by a move, the addition of a new family member (furry or human), or just seems to hide under the bed a lot, consider creating a cat cave. Simply take a cardboard box that is bigger than your cat, but not too big, and cover it with an old tee shirt to create a cozy cat cave. Your cat will thank you.

4. Problem: I can’t keep my cats out of the houseplants.

Solution: This is a perpetual problem for plant and cat lovers. Try placing pine cones, stones, orange peels, and other impediments to digging in your planters. It works for a deterrent for come cats, others just dig around the impediment. Good luck!

5. Problem: How can I keep my cat off of the furniture?

Solution: We’ll be honest with you, you may just be fighting a losing battle here. Cats go wherever and whenever they want. You can try placing strips of double-sided tape on tabletops, couches, and other surfaces on which you don’t want your cat in an effort to discourage them from laying down. The downside of this effective trick–you can’t use the surfaces either.

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