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Take Chemicals out of Bedtime with Organic Bedding

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Chemicals. They are in pretty much everything. So you stay away from nasty chemicals by buying organic food and products, right? Well, have you thought about the chemicals that quite possibly reside in your conventional bedding? If so, awesome! You’re covered (literally and figuratively). If not, read on to find out why it may be a good idea to go organic at bedtime.

Many conventional bedding options contain formaldehyde and chemical dyes. Yuck! So, how can you avoid purchasing bedding that could harm your health? The first step: know your organic options.

Organic cotton sheets, mattresses and pillows: organic cotton is grown sans toxic pesticides and isn’t treated with chemical dyes or flame-retardant chemicals.

Organic hemp sheets (also called linen): hemp is absorbent and lightweight, and doesn’t need pesticides to grow. Opt for stiffer hemp fabrics that soften with time over manufacturer-softened sheets. Softening requires many chemicals.

Organic wool pillows: Wool is naturally flame-retardant, water-repellent and hypoallergenic. Wool also is resistant to dust mites.

Buckwheat hull pillows: buckwheat pillows provide a lot of support and are eco-friendly.

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Natural latex pillows: made from rubber trees, natural latex is resistant to mold, bacteria, dust mites and mildew. Latex also is naturally flame-retardant.

Peace silk sheets: silk worms aren’t harmed or killed in the harvest of this silk. It's eco-friendly and a truly natural option.

Other ways to have a peaceful, clean-conscious sleep:

  • Organic bedding is typically dyed with vegetable and mineral dyes. If you really, really want white sheets, buy sheets treated with peroxide-based bleaches. Chlorine-based bleaches can pollute water supplies.
  • Buy local or domestic bedding.
  • Check to see if cotton, hemp, etc., was grown using sustainable methods.
  • For a comprehensive list of companies that sell organic bedding, check out Natural Home & Garden’s “Rest Assured: Better Bedding and Pillow Options.”


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