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The Camp Fire How-to: Build it and They Will Come

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Camp fire tips and ideas.

Camp fire season is upon us. Whether it’s in your backyard, high up in the mountains or right on the beach, spring, summer and autumn are the seasons that are ripe for the camp fire. Winter is too for those hardy, intrepid folks, who camp out in 20 degrees...but that’s not most of us.

Building a camp fire is a rite of passage that we love to participate in during these warmer months. There’s just something about gathering around a fire with family and friends that appeals to our tribal heritage.

Whether you build your camp fire for cooking, keeping the bugs away, to create an atmosphere or to roast marshmallows, we’ve got tips and tricks on how build your fire and how to enjoy it.

Building a fire isn’t just all about the fun, there are some safety precautions to take as well. You should always follow the rules of your municipality or the rules of the park or campground when building a fire. It’s also a good idea to know the proper way to both build and extinguish a fire. Here are some tips on fire safety from Smokey Bear.

Build the Camp Fire

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Enjoy the Camp Fire

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