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First-Ever Undercover Footage Details Cruelty in California Fishing Industry
iStock/Andrea Izzotti
April 11, 2018
A new investigation spearheaded by several animal rights organizations finds rampant cruelty in California's fishing industry.
USDA Denies Petition for Unlimited Chicken Slaughter Line Speed
February 1, 2018
Earlier this week the USDA denied a request by the chicken industry to increase slaughter line speeds. The decision comes…
November 16, 2017
Ever wonder what it's like being an undercover animal rights investigator? We caught up with Cody Carlson, a former Mercy…
Enter title here USDA's Animal Welfare Records Still Obscured Despite New Public Search Tool, Says Animal Rights Groups
August 22, 2017
The USDA continues to suppress information about animal welfare law violators in major categories, according to two leading animal rights…
First Ever Egg Factory Farm Drone Exposé Reveals the Horrific Reality for Millions of Hens
August 10, 2017
A new factory farm exposé released by animal rights organization Mercy for Animals highlights the massive scale of America's egg…
Perdue Farms One Year After Animal Welfare Commitment
July 18, 2017
Perdue Farms says its efforts to improve animal welfare conditions for its chickens has been going well with the help…
In Animal Rights Victory, Utah Federal Judge Calls 'Ag-Gag' Laws Unconstitutional
July 11, 2017
A major win for animal rights groups in Utah as a federal judge overturned the state's 'ag-gag' law, calling it…
TGI Fridays Makes Big Commitment for Animals
image courtesy of TGI Fridays
February 28, 2017
TGI Friday's says it will move to slow-growth chickens by 2024 in an effort to source more humanely raised birds…
January 25, 2017
With funding from the largest livestock producer and a forward-thinking vision, Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown sees a bright and…
France to Test Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses After Undercover Videos Reveal Rampant Abuse
January 17, 2017
French Parliament voted largely in favor of adding video cameras to slaughterhouses after undercover investigations revealed abuse.