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Nestlé Rumored to Be In Talks to Purchase Leading Family of Plant-Based Food Brands
November 23, 2017
Food giant Nestlé is among the potential buyers for the Hain Celestial family of brands, which includes leading plant-based food…
UN Blasts Junk Food Industry as Major Human Rights Issue
October 27, 2016
A representative of the United Nations puts the junk food industry on blast as a massive human rights violation.
'Rebellious' Kids Eat More Healthy Foods (Sort Of)
September 15, 2016
It's every parent's struggle: getting kids to eat healthy foods. Researchers may have found an unlikely solution to this timeless…
Hampton Creek
August 9, 2016
An investigation reveals Hampton Creek purchased its own products from stores to inflate market value for investors. But here's a…
Who’s Really Behind Your Favorite Organic Food Products?
February 16, 2016
Think all organic food is created equal? Then you need to see this infographic which details all the mega-corporations behind…
Is Bigger Really Better? Most Consumers Leery of Big Food Brands, Research Finds
November 19, 2015
Big food brands got confirmation on their worst fear: Research confirms that consumers don't trust them, despite their long history…
Should Food Industry Associations Be Allowed to Bully Food Companies?
October 16, 2015
Small food is Big Food's worst nightmare. But food industry associations only protect the big guys—and even take steps to…
Why Do Humans Love Artificial Colors in Food Anyway?
September 3, 2015
They're not good for us and Big Food brands are dropping them like they're hot. But why is the human…
Factory Farm Toy Parody Will Make You Swear Off Big Food Forever
August 21, 2015
Let a simple child's toy factory farm convince you that Big Food is corrupt, horrific, and in no way appetizing.
Not Long Ago in a Supermarket Not So Far Away...'Grocery Store Wars' [Video]
April 24, 2015
This supermarket 'Star Wars' spoof puts our food industry into a perspective we can all understand. One guess who runs…