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USDA Requests Comments on Dietary Guidelines for the First Time Ever
March 2, 2018
The USDA is opening the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to public comment for the first time, ever, in hopes of…
Federal Report Finds Plant-Based Diet is Best For the Planet
April 8, 2015
A plant-based diet is best for the planet, recommends the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee—which has left industry lobbyists upset.
Updated Federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans to Include Cholesterol, Coffee, and a Plant-Based Diet
February 23, 2015
Cholesterol and coffee consumption are among the changes being made to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Snoopy dance anyone?
U.S. to Drop Cholesterol Warning After 40 Years
February 13, 2015
The U.S. will drop its cholesterol guidelines in the newest version of the Dietary Guidelines after scientists find it no…