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Variety of foods on a marble table with blue pottery. Foods to consider for an elimination diet.
January 26, 2023
Bloating? Gas? Digestive distress? Embarking on an elimination diet may help to pinpoint certain food intolerances. Here's your elimination diet…
August 24, 2016
EpiPen prices have reached upwards of $600. Thanks to work from allergy activist Robyn O'Brien, senators are beginning to react.
The Important Reason You Should Never Fake Food Allergies
January 8, 2016
When you describe your dietary preferences as food allergies, your little white lie is creating big waves behinds the scenes…
food allergy
August 11, 2015
Food allergies are no fun, but when allergies are serious, they can quickly become scary. Stay prepared and learn how…
Kids At Risk For a Peanut Allergy May Benefit From Early Exposure, Study Says
March 3, 2015
Exposing kids that are at risk for a peanut allergy early on may stave off the allergy, which could save…
Food Intolerance
July 23, 2014
When dietary restrictions clash--think vegan and Paleo--you can have some serious dinnertime drama.
January 4, 2014
Lactose intolerance in kids, especially those in the midst of potty training, can be tough to diagnose and treat. Does…
November 5, 2013
This could be the first step toward standardized food allergy safety rules at the federal level.
October 4, 2012
Are you bloated and tired all the time? Do certain foods make you feel worse? You may be suffering from…
January 8, 2012
Are the increasing rates of food allergies and the rise in genetically modified organisms in our food supply linked?