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New Research Reveals Obesity's Impact on Cancer Cells
Credit: iStock/Wojciech Kozielczyk
November 13, 2018
Obesity makes the immune system's Natural Killer cells unable to fight off cancer cells.
U.S. Exercise and Obesity Rates Both Rising Along With Stress Levels
July 3, 2018
Stress levels are leading some Americans to increase their exercise routines while others are seeing obesity levels rise.
obesity rates rural
June 22, 2018
Both adults and children living in rural communities are at greater risk of obesity, says the findings of two new…
Eating at Work is (Probably) Making You Fat, Says New Research
June 12, 2018
Eating at work may seem like a multitasker's dream, but according to new research, they're often empty calories that may…
'Healthy Obesity' Unlikely, Says New Study
June 5, 2018
A new study debunks at the theory of healthy obesity -- being overweight but maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.
UK Doctors Say Fast Food Buffer Zones Around Schools Will Decrease Childhood Obesity Rates
April 24, 2018
With the highest childhood obesity rates in Europe, the UK could soon see restrictions on fast food restaurants in proximity…
School-Based Anti-Obesity Campaigns Aren't Working, Study Finds
February 8, 2018
Despite best efforts, anti-obesity campaigns in schools don't seem to be mitigating the spread of the disease.
Stress is Just as Unhealthy as a Bad Diet
iStock/Eva Katalin Kondoros
November 7, 2017
A new study shows that stress is just as bad as eating a poor diet, in terms in gut microbiome…
The Vegan Diet Reduces Obesity Risk By Nearly Half, New Research Finds
May 24, 2017
Subject in a ten-year study who consumed a predominantly vegan diet showed a nearly fifty-percent decreased risk of becoming obese.
No More Unlimited Soda Refills in France as Nation Battles Obesity
February 1, 2017
Looking for wine and cheese in France? No problem. But you won't be finding any unlimited soda refills after the…