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January 14, 2015
I've cured my sugar addiction with self-hypnosis and I'll tell you how to make this miracle work for you!
Hypnotized Sugar Skull
January 7, 2015
Sugar is as destructive and addictive as cocaine! Can I cure my sugar addiction with self-hypnosis?
cane sugar
December 4, 2014
What is sugar to you? Learn what you need to know so you consume it with more awareness.
August 16, 2013
Refined sugar in the diet may lead to early death and fertility issues cites research.
October 3, 2011
Ignore the hype - unrefined sweeteners are not guilt-free. Find out why and what to do when it comes to…
April 1, 2010
Many Americans get too many of their calories from refined carbohydrates. Dr. Steven Horne tells you why a spoonful of…