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Dubai Gets Its First Indoor Vertical Farm
image via Badia Farm
May 11, 2018
No more importing fresh greens for Dubai. The region now has its own indoor vertical farm, Badia Farms, growing fresh…
From Fumes to Flowers: Pittsburgh Sheds Industrial 'Steel City' Past to Host Nation's Largest Urban Farm
September 12, 2017
Pittsburgh is set to open the nation's largest urban farm project in 2019. Shedding its steel mill image, the city…
urban farming brings young farmers into field
February 4, 2016
An urban farming initiative in Phoenix adds some green to an empty downtown lot and provides soil to new farmers…
Detroit urban farm fights blight
December 21, 2015
Hantz Farms tore down blighted houses with the idea of starting an urban farm. Now it's investing in high school…
July 9, 2015
The world's first subterranean farm—Growing Underground in London—is now up and running, producing local food underneath the city.
20 Percent of Your Food Comes From Urban Farming Now
June 4, 2015
Think urban farming is just a quaint little Hipster trend? Think again. It's now providing 20 percent of all food.
Fresh lunch salad
June 20, 2014
It's time for summer and for our weekly From Our Friends! This week's post will give you great healthy breakfast…
rooftop farms
May 10, 2014
Check out our top 8 awesome and creative rooftop gardens from around the world for inspiration in your urban, container…
urban farm
April 8, 2014
Urban farming has lots of healthy benefits: fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaner air, more bees. But soil contaminants are a…
zero carbon food
February 12, 2014
Two entrepreneurs and a Michelin-starred chef are building an underground urban farm beneath the London Underground.