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September 16, 2019
OrganicEye is a new watchdog group being run by three industry veterans dedicated to helping organic return to its roots.
Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive, Study Finds
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March 13, 2019
Researchers found that by relying on bulk stores and committing to menu planning, it was possible to feed a family…
More Than 99% of Foods Tested Under Pesticide Threshold
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December 21, 2018
The USDA declared the U.S. food supply as "among the safest in the world" after testing over 10,000 samples.
USDA Announces National GMO Labeling Regulations
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December 20, 2018
Federal regulations on GMO crops have been released by the USDA. The rule will allow companies to interchange 'genetically modified'…
Proposal to Remove Pork Processing Plant Line Speeds Flawed, Experts Say
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December 14, 2018
The experts claim that the USDA relied on flawed data culled from specific plants to justify its proposal.
October 26, 2018
At the end of September, the USDA passed a new regulation allowing chicken processing plants to apply for a waiver…
OTA Moves Forward With Organic Checkoff Program (Without the USDA)
September 10, 2018
Following the USDA's abandonment of the organic checkoff program that had been in development for five years, the OTA is…
Organic Industry Organizes 'New Era' After USDA Cancels Checkoff Program
May 31, 2018
After USDA decided to pull the national organic program's checkoff campaign, industry leaders reassess their own abilities to promote the…
USDA Reverses Course on Carrageenan Rule, Says It's 'Necessary' for  Organics
April 5, 2018
Despite the recommendation of the National Organic Standards Board, the USDA will allow the additive carrageenan in organic food.
You may soon be drinking almond milk waste in your beer
March 23, 2018
With almond milk comes almond hulls and USDA researchers are working on ways to turn this waste into energy, plastic,…