Green Onion

Green Onion

Season for Green Onion Available Year Round

Green Onion Described

Though we use the terms “scallion” and “green onion” (or “spring onion”) interchangeably, a slight difference does indeed exist. What is a scallion but a slightly younger green onion, both immature little brothers to the pungent, bulbous onions we so frequently use. Scallions haven’t developed a bulb at all and are straight with a color that fades from brilliant green to white, and green onions are the same with a slight bulge beginning to appear at their base. In each case the vegetable has an under-developed bulb and green leaves that are long and straight, both being edible and having a milder onion flavor. 

How to Buy and Store Green Onion

It’s best to purchase your green onions shortly before you need them, as they begin to wilt within a couple days. Choose those that are crisp with bright green tops and a firm white base. Remove any rubber bands or damaged leaves immediately but don’t wash your green onions until you’re ready to use them as they will spoil much quicker if you do. Place your wrapped green onions in the vegetable crisper section of your refrigerator for up to 5 days. 

How to Cook Green Onion

Green onions are a versatile veggie with a mild flavor that can add a slight pungency and dash of brilliant green to all manner of dishes. The whole thing is edible except for the very last inch or so at the bulb – which can be planted to produce your own green onions! They can be eaten raw added to salads or as lovely garnish, but can also be showcased all on their own, cooked much in the same way as a leek. Chopped green onions make great additions to salsas, sauces and dips; toppings for pizzas and baked potatoes; and mixed into soups, omelets and casseroles. Just a few suggestions…

Health Benefits of Green Onion

Green onions offer many of the same health benefits of their mature onion counterparts that have been shown to help in lowering blood sugar, high cholesterol and blood pressure, the risk of colon and other cancers, and inflammation. Quercetin, the most famous antioxidant found in all onions, offers anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine benefits. You’ll find the essential trace mineral chromium packed into green onions that can regulate glucose levels too. Green onions are also a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium, and copper, all integral to our overall health and wellbeing.

Why Buy Natural and Organic Green Onion

While green onions are not among the vegetables laden with the most pesticides, the only way to know you are not ingesting harmful chemicals is by purchasing them organically. So while relatively safe when measured against other conventional veggies, we seek out organic green onions for the same reason we seek out everything organic: to say with our dollars and our forks that we support sustainable, organic practices.